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The Real Consequences of Health Care Cuts

By Rep. Jimmy Anderson

While knocking on doors one warm day in June in my district, I met a woman working in her garage. I came over to her work bench where she was crafting a gift for her grandkids, and we started a conversation about what we can do to better our community. While we were talking, she revealed to me that she was battling Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

As a recipient of BadgerCare, she had a health care worker who helped her with her medications, her meals, as well as hygiene and personal care. These services are important to her. They make it possible for her to live on her own.

But over the last few years, access to these services was cut back. Changes in BadgerCare Plus eligibility restricted the hours that her health care worker could help her. Her healthcare worker’s hours were cut back forcing her to make both difficult and dangerous decisions. She was forced to choose between having her health care worker help her with her meals and medications, or help her take care of her hygiene. There weren’t enough hours to do both.

Changes to BadgerCare eligibility made by Gov. Walker and Republicans in the legislature are not just numbers on a page. Healthcare is not just about budgeting and premiums, but dignity and quality of life. They are real changes to services that help ensure the health, safety, and well-being of over 1 million people in Wisconsin.

Stories like this one help us focus on what really matters. Our government should be doing everything possible to support Wisconsin families when they need it most. We’re not just balancing a checkbook here at the Capitol. We’re investing in our communities because we love and care about our neighbors.

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Rep. Jimmy Anderson (D-Fitchburg) represents Wisconsin’s 47th Assembly District and serves on the Assembly Committees on Colleges and Universities and Environment and Forestry.

Our Education Plan

Wisconsin Democrats are committed to your child’s education. We don’t just talk about the importance of schools, we invest in them. We’re so proud of our plan to support schools in Wisconsin we’ll show it to you.

This map compares the Democratic plan for funding our schools to three other plans:

  1. the Governor’s funding plan,
  2. the Assembly Republican funding plan, and
  3. the Senate Republican funding plan.

By comparing the Democratic education funding plan to the other plans available, it is clear that Democrats want to invest more in every school district across Wisconsin.


The Republican plans, by contrast, actually want to provide less funding than the governor for some school districts across the state.

Click the image of the map below to view our interactive map!


Below is a table for the school districts not shown on the map above. For the full data set click here.

Comparisons to Bill JFCDem JFCDem AssemblyRep AssemblyRep
Not Mapped 2017-18 2018-19 2017-18 2018-19
Arrowhead UHS * $455,838 $929,392 -$106,900 $58,866
Big Foot UHS * $114,067 $233,724 -$78,200 -$105,136
Central/Westosha UHS * $258,671 $530,453 -$58,150 -$32,282
Hartford UHS * $325,886 $665,381 -$75,600 -$209,293
Lakeland UHS * $161,142 $332,309 -$104,600 -$95,445
Lake Geneva-Genoa UHS * $293,358 $596,407 -$70,200 $20,237
Nicolet UHS * $248,570 $511,968 -$54,050 -$56,760
Union Grove UHS $391,122 $558,813 -$114,350 $271,198
Waterford UHS $267,205 $553,762 -$55,300 -$52,020
Wilmot UHS * $248,993 $512,159 -$54,650 -$27,267
Comparisons to Bill JFCDem JFCDem SenateRep SenateRep
Not Mapped 2017-18 2018-19 2017-18 2018-19
Arrowhead UHS  * $455,838 $929,392 $0 $0
Big Foot UHS  * $114,067 $233,724 -$52,400 -$52,400
Central/Westosha UHS  * $258,671 $530,453 $0 $0
Hartford UHS  * $325,886 $665,381 $0 $0
Lakeland UHS  * $161,142 $332,309 -$69,900 -$69,900
Lake Geneva-Genoa UHS  * $293,358 $596,407 $0 $0
Nicolet UHS  * $248,570 $511,968 $0 $0
Union Grove UHS $391,122 $558,813 -$76,600 -$76,600
Waterford UHS $267,205 $553,762 $0 $0
Wilmot UHS  * $248,993 $512,159 $0 $0

Data were provided by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau. The full data set is available here. The Democratic education funding plan is available here.


Our Promise to Protect Your Health Care

By Rep. Jimmy Anderson

With all of the chaos in Washington surrounding health care and the Republican-led efforts to strip insurance from 22 million people, it’s easy to miss out on what’s happening at the state level. In the past two months Senate and Assembly Democrats have put forth an entire series of proposals to make sure that no matter what happens in Washington, Wisconsinites will keep their coverage and their families’ lives in tact.

Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) and Representative Danny Riemer (D-Milwaukee) put forth a series of bills to make sure that Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions cannot be discriminated against and lose their healthcare coverage. They also included provisions to prevent lifetime limits on insurance plans, which would kick people off of their coverage once their maximums had been reached. Senator LaTonya Johnson (D-Milwaukee) and Representative Eric Genrich (D-Green Bay) put forth a proposal that would allow all Wisconsinites and employers to purchase a BadgerCare health insurance plan with lower premiums and better coverage than most private insurers provide on the marketplace. In the coming months, you can be sure to see more efforts from our members to protect and expand your healthcare.

We’re focused on healthcare because we know it’s vital to our economy and most importantly to the health and well-being of our families. We’re doing everything possible to protect Medicaid which serves as the backbone to health care coverage for more than 1 Million Wisconsinites. We have an agenda that’s focused on you. We won’t let special interests and influential donors drive our agenda because we work for you, not Walker’s lobbyists. Quality affordable healthcare is at the center of our agenda because we’re focused on Wisconsin families. That’s our promise to you.

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Rep. Jimmy Anderson (D-Fitchburg) represents Wisconsin’s 47th Assembly District and serves on the Assembly Committees on Colleges and Universities and Environment and Forestry.

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Pass a Budget

By Rep. Katrina Shankland

It’s Groundhog Day in the Capitol. With the state’s biennial budget weeks past due, Wisconsin is one of just a handful of states that has not enacted a budget – all thanks to Republicans bickering behind closed doors. Even Illinois has passed a budget. Despite Republicans having total control of Wisconsin state government, this is the second budget in a row that they’ve failed to pass by the statutory deadline.

This unnecessary budget delay is forcing our local governments, school districts, and construction workers to wait even longer to develop their own budgets and find out if their projects are on track. A budget is about priorities, and these problems could have been avoided if the state legislature had voted on the most important funding issues first – like our public schools and transportation infrastructure. But every day that passes by is another day that Republican lawmakers withhold needed investments in our Wisconsin communities.

Most people would be fired from their job if they had missed a critical deadline by weeks and couldn’t explain why. Yet Governor Walker and Republican legislators continue to enjoy government paychecks and healthcare while they argue behind closed doors over whether to delay construction projects or cut the proposed public school budget. And the cost of inaction is great – the budget delay is creating uncertainty for our schools and could actually shut down progress on critical highway and building projects, putting people’s jobs at risk.

Wisconsin’s public schools have lost over a billion dollars in state aid since Governor Walker and Republican legislators took the reins of state government. To give our school children the best opportunities to succeed, Democrats have introduced a plan to lower property taxes, fully restore funding to our public schools, and make new investments in special education programs and sparsity aid to rural districts. But Republican lawmakers haven’t even called a budget committee meeting for a month, leaving our kids shortchanged once again.

Republican leaders have also failed to identify a funding solution for our state’s crumbling roads and bridges. Even worse, they haven’t even tried. Wisconsin’s roads are among the worst in the nation and we are facing a large transportation deficit. But what is Governor Walker’s “solution”? He is asking for a federal bailout of $341 million – ten times the federal highway redistribution funding that Wisconsin has typically received.

This is the same governor who flatly rejected federal money to expand BadgerCare, rural broadband, high-speed rail, and early childhood development, which would have helped working people in Wisconsin. The irony is rich and hypocritical. Real leadership is rolling up your sleeves and working with both parties to find a solution, not punting the problem to someone else.

The chaos in Madison sure looks a lot like the chaos in Washington, D.C., and the people of Wisconsin are the ones paying the price. Democrats have presented proposals to fund our state’s priorities and are ready to work across the aisle to develop solutions. We invite our Republican colleagues to come out of their closed door sessions and join us at the table. Instead of backroom deals, we can end Groundhog Day in the Capitol and pass a budget that actually works for Wisconsin.

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Rep. Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) represents the 71st Assembly District in Portage County and serves on the legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance.