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The Real Consequences of Health Care Cuts

By Rep. Jimmy Anderson

While knocking on doors one warm day in June in my district, I met a woman working in her garage. I came over to her work bench where she was crafting a gift for her grandkids, and we started a conversation about what we can do to better our community. While we were talking, she revealed to me that she was battling Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

As a recipient of BadgerCare, she had a health care worker who helped her with her medications, her meals, as well as hygiene and personal care. These services are important to her. They make it possible for her to live on her own.

But over the last few years, access to these services was cut back. Changes in BadgerCare Plus eligibility restricted the hours that her health care worker could help her. Her healthcare worker’s hours were cut back forcing her to make both difficult and dangerous decisions. She was forced to choose between having her health care worker help her with her meals and medications, or help her take care of her hygiene. There weren’t enough hours to do both.

Changes to BadgerCare eligibility made by Gov. Walker and Republicans in the legislature are not just numbers on a page. Healthcare is not just about budgeting and premiums, but dignity and quality of life. They are real changes to services that help ensure the health, safety, and well-being of over 1 million people in Wisconsin.

Stories like this one help us focus on what really matters. Our government should be doing everything possible to support Wisconsin families when they need it most. We’re not just balancing a checkbook here at the Capitol. We’re investing in our communities because we love and care about our neighbors.

021017 Nuestro Mundo

Rep. Jimmy Anderson (D-Fitchburg) represents Wisconsin’s 47th Assembly District and serves on the Assembly Committees on Colleges and Universities and Environment and Forestry.

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